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My name is Aryeh Hoffman, and here you can find some of my thoughts on aspects of software architecture, development, and my particular area of interest…​ Object Modeling


What first attracted me to computing and programming? The idea that I could create anything I could imagine in code. That was 40 years ago, and my enthusiasm for that idea hasn’t diminished.


In those 40 years, I have been fortunate to have been a programmer, software architect, project and development manager, typically implementing large team complex systems in industries including telecommunications, insurance, security, and finance and banking.

It includes leading large teams in the design and implementation of major systems and large-scale architectures in the UK, Australia, Belgium, the USA and Hong Kong, and holding senior roles in management.

Current Work

I currently assist organizations as a consultant in aspects of software architecture, development and methodology.


Much has changed in 40 years of computing. More hasn’t. Young programmers (and their employers) today know little of the lessons and techniques hard-learned through success and failure in times past. Empirically, large project “success” remains as elusive as ever.

An average 8 year old can learn to program surprisingly well. So, what’s left? What’s hard? It is the ability to successfully abstract and model large complex functional requirements into code. One which also fulfills its non-functional requirements. This challenge has been my journey.


Whose work has been influential in my thinking?

Kristen Nygaard, Peter Coad, Ed Yourdon, Martin Fowler, Bertrand Meyer, Jonathan Aldrich (CMU), Meilir Page-Jones, Dan Ingalls, Jeff De Luca (FDD).


I can be reached by email at… hello@ aryehoffman.com

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