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Updated: Understanding an Object-Oriented Approach

My article on Understanding an Object-Oriented Approach has been updated to include a section on a Data Modeling approach, and a final section that considers the use of Structured Programming in Object-Oriented Languages.

Alan Kay and Building Software

An interesting question was asked on Quora.  “Is Alan Kay correct that building software is still like the design and construction of ancient structures like the Pyramids, in the era before architecture?”.  Alan Kay himself wrote an answer, as did I.  I...

The Rise of Functional Programming

Functional programming appears to be on the rise.  Why is that, and is there a migration from imperative programming, object-orientation and information modeling? The growth in functional programming correlates to the growth in startups and organizations using...
Understanding an Object-Oriented Approach and Alternatives

Understanding an Object-Oriented Approach and Alternatives

This article discusses an Object-Oriented (OO) approach, by describing what are the alternatives, and what came before. There are different ways to organize and represent a problem or system in code.  OO is a different paradigm from organizing the concepts in a...